About Us

About Us

It’s a fact that no one ever reaches their true potential — the REAL greatness within themselves — without a MENTOR. The fact is, you can’t see the picture when you’re the one inside the frame! If we need coaches in sporting events — isn’t it more important that we have a coach in this thing called LIFE?

At Self Empowerment – We can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of the Certified Success and Leadership Principles through John Maxwell Team and Empowerment Mentoring proven methods. Working together, We will move you and your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals. We are a team of highly qualified, experienced and certified Coaches trained by the best in the Personal and Leadership Development Industry.

Partners to the World’s Best in the Personal & Leadership Development Industry

John Maxwell Team & Empowerment Mentoring Community

Part of John Maxwell Team’s Advance Mentorship Program

Access to the Best Mentors & Thinkers in the World


All India (NCR) and International Presence

  • Over 30000 coaches in 150 countries

  • Country level leadership development

  • Number One organization in personal development as regards to leadership working with all levels in organizations such as Microsoft – Delta Airlines – Chick fila’

Founders Qualification & Experience

  • John Maxwell Certified Coaches

  • Advanced Mentorship Program Members

  • Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Experts

  • Trained 75,000  Corporate Executives – Entrepreneurs – Educators and Students

  • Through thousands of sessions/workshops in Eight years of operations

Maxwell Methodologies of Training

  • Live Workshops – Instructor Led & Group Coaching 

  • Live and Virtual Mastermind Sessions

  • One On One Executive & Life Coaching

  • NLP Counselling & Change Work

  • Empowerment Mentoring 

  • Empowerment Retreats

Our Core Philosophy

“Our Success & Results are a Reflection of 3 Main   Components

1. Level of Awareness

2. Core Beliefs

3. Understanding & Application of Principles”

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

‘Everything Good which happens in our life is because of our Personal Growth’

Dr John C Maxwell

‘We, at Self Empowerment, through

Maxwell Methodologies of Training and Coaching 


Corporate Executives – Educators and Entrepreneurs

To Change their Limiting Beliefs, Expand their Level of Awareness & HELP them develop deeper understanding of the Success & Leadership Principles so that they can create much better Results in each and every area of their life’

Our Mentors

Girish Bhatia , Founding Partner and Certified Coach Teacher and Speaker with John Maxwell Team is trained personally by Dr John C Maxwell and a faculty of  world’s best teachers and coaches from the personal and leadership development industry.

Girish Bhatia’s goal-oriented outlook on life and passion for helping others reach their goals led him to join the John Maxwell Team. Prior to joining the team, He spent 35 years in IT and Control Systems industry in India as a marketing professional and an entrepreneur. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India.

In the last Eighteen years, he has been on a deliberate personal growth program which led him to realize how much of a difference maker a personal growth plan can be to an individual and/or organizations success and growth. He has been studying and personally implementing the philosophies behind personal development and is consistently developing his understanding of emotions and vision play in leadership.

Deepa Bhatia is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach & Trainer, trained on Leadership by Dr. John C. Maxwell and his world class faculty. She is also a Master NLP Practitioner. She is passionate about helping people channelize their innate capabilities into realizing their full potential which helps them to maximize themselves in the pursuit of their goals in all areas of their life –physical, mental, emotional, social, financial and spiritual.

She truly believes that to influence people to change into a growth mindset the change must begin from self & for that she herself remains in a continual cycle of Self-growth pushing boundaries for Self and others for Excellence. She conducts Workshops for Corporates for Entry & Mid level Executives on Personal Development, Team Work and Leadership Skills.

She has trained thousands of Educators in reputed Schools and Educational Institutions through Faculty Development Workshops, having conducted 1 day to 6 days Residential Life & Leadership Skills Programs.

Sanchita Bhatia is a Certified Coach teacher and Speaker with John Maxwell Team and an Advanced NLP Practitioner is a Graphic Designer by profession and an Early Childhood Education Expert

Rajan Bhatia is a Certified Coach, Mentor and Speaker with John Maxwell Team Florida USA has over 10 years of corporate leadership experience working in US.

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