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Learning Model Of Achievement


For last 18 years Girish & Deepa Bhatia have been studying this masterpiece applying the principles to their life and creating extraordinary results in the process. In this unique and incredibly comprehensive program, Girish & Deepa Bhatia shares the secrets of 18 years of study research and practical experience with you.

Everything we do is based on a Learning Model. Whether it is a learning model of failure or achievement it has three components ..

  1. Awareness
  2. Belief
  3. Application of Principles with in the Model

Besides their own experience this study will contain the knowledge and experience of their Mentors Dr John C Maxwell (No 1 Leadership Guru) and   “Paul Martinelli” (No 1 Coach Guru) Co Founder of “The John Maxwell Team“  and team of world class faculty in areas of Mindset, Sales & Business Development, Communication, Leadership & Coaching.

Learning Model of Achievement Program Includes


  • 24 Fortnightly In depth Study Lessons on Mind Set, Belief, Communication, Growth & Leadership
  • Based on Empowered Living & Maxwell Certified Content
  • 24 Fortnightly (twice a month) Mastermind Calls & Q and A
  • All Calls Recorded for Replay for 30 Days
  • Worksheets & Exercises


About Girish and Deepa Bhatia

Girish and Deepa Bhatia , are both Certified Coach Teachers and Speakers with John Maxwell Team and are trained personally by Dr John C Maxwell and a faculty of world’s best teachers and coaches from the personal and leadership development industry.

They have also partnered with Empowerment Mentoring Community Florida USA to bring the teachings of application of timeless principles of  all time classic books like “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Science Of Getting Rich”

Girish Bhatia’s goal-oriented outlook on life and passion for helping others reach their goals led him to join the John Maxwell Team. Prior to joining the team, He spent 35 years in IT and Control Systems industry in India as a marketing professional and an entrepreneur. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India.

Deepa Bhatia, besides being a John Maxwell Certified Coach, she is a Master NLP Practitioner. She is passionate about helping people over come their limiting beliefs, phobias and emotional challenges through NLP Change Work.

They are both trained on art and skill of professional coaching and are passionate about helping people expand and widen their level of Awareness and help them move to the next level through one on one coaching.

They have trained over 90,000 entry to top level corporate managers, senior educators, students and entrepreneurs in the last six years through Live Workshops, Master Mind Groups and One on One Coaching.

Part of John Maxwell Team’s Advance Mentorship Program

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